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Round Cobh Island Windsurfing Race 2014

Ian + Rob Scandrett, Dave + Ewan O’ Keeffe, Bill Kearney and Tony O’ Riordan joined me in providing safety cover with Bob and Christopher Bateman in the photographic boat. The 5 min gun went at 14:20 and the fleet of 22 boards got off to a clear start at 14:25 with Jeff Condell getting into and early lead. A couple of boards returned to the beach and Vince Geary sailing the div 2 Herve Borde retired in Cobh town with leg cramps.

Read full report and results on SailCork.com

Kona ISA Sail Fleet

There are 3 Kona boards available now on the ISA SailFleet program. Most of you probably know of the SailFleet dinghies, this will run in a similar format and hopefully it is something we can build on if the demand for it is demonstrated. Details are available here:


Having the Konas at an event would make a good light wind alternative and this worked well at the slalom event in Malahide last year (they can even be used for SUPing in no wind). They were put to good use in the Round Cobh race last weekend being loaned out to 3 participants. If you’ve any questions contact the ISA or Cormac.

Newtownards 2014 Report


Your image of your typical grandfather involves a pipe, slippers, watching too much telly and being nice to children - rather like Wookie really.

It doesn't involve charging around a choppy course at high speed and coming in fourth over all in the first round of the Irish Slalom Series. But that's exactly what Ming the Merciless did last weekend. And in case you're wondering why I was so indelicate in my choice of title for this missive - it's because he dictated it to me. And, like everyone else I live in fear of the platinum megalomaniac! And the day after the races he did indeed become a grand-emperor. One can only speculate if the baby had come a day earlier whether he'd have been at the bedside - but one suspects it might have turned into a water birth. At Newtownards. See results here.

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CANCELLED Fanore Wave Event

Fanore Wave 2014

** CANCELLED ** Fannore One Day Wave Event

Having consulted with the head judge, IWA and local sailors it has be decided to cancel this weekend’s one day competition.

Unfortunately the wind is just too onshore and the condition of the beach from recent storms and tide times means it is unsuitable for competition.

Many thanks to the judging team who were in place, to the IWA for their support and to everyone who expressed an interest coming!

  • 1st Ranked Wave Comp this Year.
  • Gold and Silver fleet- so open to everyone!
  • Registration from 9am - €25 entry to cover costs.
  • Must be IWA member  - http://www.windsurfing.ie
  • Lunch provided on site.

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