Irish windsurfing in 2023

Hello there!  And welcome to windsurfing in Ireland in 2023! 

Before you jump into the water, we unashamedly ask you to consider joining or rejoin the Irish Windsurfing Association (IWA).  We ask you to support the IWA, to get involved, and to enjoy all the amazing  benefits that’s comes with IWA membership .  In recent years, the primary reason for joining the IWA is to avail of the third party insurance and to have the option to take part in IWA events around the country.  But  there is  so much more that the IWA can and does  for you . Here are some great reasons why you should join the IWA.. 
  • Strength in Numbers
  • Events, Gatherings and Competitions
  • Insurance Cover
  • Members Discount
  • Free IWA Stickers

Strength in Numbers
The IWA represents YOU, and YOUR sport for the safety and enjoyment for everybody.  It defends the interest of windsurfing. Windsurfing has and will experience challenges. It is only a question of time before an issue comes to visit your local lake or beach…when the time comes, the IWA will be there to support.

Recently the IWA / ISA were successfully involved in supporting Galway windsurfers in campaigning to stop the implementation of a Beach Bye Law that would have prohibited windsurfing and other water sports on Galway Beaches. Without a recognized organization that represents a large number of people we would have not achieved a successful outcome.

Another example, during the covid lockdowns the IWA/ISA  successfully lobbied government to make exception to the travel/ sports ban for sailing and windsurfing. 

At some stage we expect a proposed ban on windsurfing in conditions where Orange and Red warnings are in place…as you know, experienced riders enjoy the conditions produced in Orange warnings.  It will be up to the members of IWA/ISA to ensure fair legislation is enforced.

Event , Gatherings and Competitions
The IWA support events suitable for all levels from begiiner to expert. Event organisers put huge efforts into running events, providing the platform to development our sport nationally, all the while ensuring the enjoyment of all entrants.  Events are a great way to improve a riders ability in a safe ,welcoming and encouraging enviroment.

The IWA calendar of events in 2023 include Wave Sailing, Freestyle Sailing, Slalom Racing, Speed Sailing, Junior Development in Racing and Coaching for Under 17 year olds, Recreational Events or Gatherings, and Coaching.

IWA events provide a road map to professional windsurfing. There has long been a traditional of Irish riders competing internationally and this is something which we wish to continue to support.  If it was not for IWA events, these riders may not have realised their potential.

The IWA was and is a major supporter of our annual flagship wave sailing event Mayo Mayhem. If it was not for the IWA support  Mayo Mayhem would have struggled to grow into what it has become in 2023...a PWA / IWT two star ranked event.  

Downing’s windsurfing event is our flagship fun/slalom/family event in Donegal. It is also the longest running windsurfing event that is IWA sanctioned .It is a fantastic family event that introduces children to the joys of windsurfing and other water sports whilst also giving them their first taste of competition.
Often unspoken about, and maybe not realised, but the IWA provides the necessary framework required to run championship events.  It provides rules and regulation, along with equipment such as markers/ buoys/radios required to run competitions.  IWA members and volunteers also provide additional support in terms of Judging and management, and various safety equipment.  Our members are invaluable to the IWA and we encourage you to join.

Downings windsurfing event

Bull Island Windsurfers Spring Break 2023

Insurance Cover is included for all members
When you are setting up your equipment for this season, be sure to setup the most critical thing…your insurance.  All IWA members receive Third Party Cover, for use anywhere in the world.  The limit of indemnity is currently set at €6,500,000 per incident.  This means if you injure or damage someone else or their property, you are insured with cover of up to €6,500,000.  Joining the IWA, gives you this peace of mind...for less than €0.90 per week!!!

If you think you don't need insurance as you sail mostly in very safe or empty locations, please think again.  How many times have you seen your gear get flipped over or blown away?  Then imagine a child was passing by or a car, and your gear stuck them. With so many more swimmers,surfers and other water users in the water the chances of accidently colliding with someone and causing serious hard is much higher. Remember you insure for accidents, which by their very nature, are unforeseen and unexpected.  When its windy, things can and do go wrong, even for the most careful and experienced levels of windsurfing rider. 

Discounts - Exclusively for IWA members 
Reintroduced for 2023, IWA members can avail of discounts from lots of fantastic suppliers.  Below are some of the suppliers who offer discounts…full details on these will be added to our new website in due course, but feel free to contact the supplier directly with your membership details. Typical discounts are 10% discount to IWA members on wetsuits, accessories and courses (Excluding Promotional items) but contact suppliers for terms and conditions
PLUS!…IWA members can avail of FREE membership of the Irish Sailing Association (ISA).  ISA membership entitles you to a comprehensive list of benefits

Member to Member Discount
If you have a product or service, willing to offer an incentive to other IWA members, please drop us an email to info@windsurfing.ie
, addressed for attention of “Malcolm” …we will be delighted to promote your service.  Please do contact these folks below when you need their assistance  
10% Discount on Boiler services (Excludes Parts, Dublin Based)
Phil T:  086 3758 150    
10% Discount on car repairs and services (Excludes Parts, Dublin Based) 
Ross Auto services: 083 1948 007    
10% Discount on pilates classes
Malcolm : Anatomy Pilates (Clontarf Dublin)   0876376412 wwww.amatomypilates.ie
10%  Discount at Cyan Graphics  
Sails Number Sticker and Custon Sail stcikers also available at special rates for IWA member  
Pav: 0834419994, www.cyangraphics.ie  
10% discount on electrical work (Excludes Parts, Dublin Based):
Pawel: 087 1387893, www.pro-line.ie  


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